Local Login System Announcement.

In order to provide a fix for the infamous “Too Many Redirects” login issue, we have added a login page(Local to Application) to support an internal login system. The next time you login, please select “Register as a new user” to create your internal Transfer Answers account. Be sure to use your main IU/IUPUI Email address that you have already been using to receive communication from Transfer answers. This will ensure you maintain access to your previous work. After registering your new account, you may be prompted to log in to CAS. This will link your CAS account to your local account. (This step will be bypassed if you are already logged in to CAS). Going forward you can select “IU-SSO” to log in using CAS, however now If your CAS login fails, you will be redirected back to the Application login page where you can gain access by entering your email and application password.

Transfer Answers provides an integrated routing and management system for submission and review of transfer course credit evaluation.

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